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Flexibility peak

1. The significance of the flexibility transformation of coal-fired power plants

(1) gas turbine, quick stop, partial solution of flexibility.

(2) pumped storage, adjusted fast.

(3) chemical energy storage has not yet reached the stage of large-scale commercialization.

2. Scope of the transformation of thermal power

(1) operation flexibility, improve the existing coal unit (including ChunNing and thermal power) of peak shaving, gradeability and start-stop velocity, amplitude is given more volatility in the renewable energy, flexible in electricity market.

(2) fuel flexibility: use the existing coal and electricity equipment, mix up the biomass such as straw and sawdust, and realize the clean utilization of biomass raw materials and reduce air pollution.

3. Overview of pilot projects

A total of 22 pilot projects, 46 units, 18,180,000 kw. It is dominated by subcritical, mainly by thermal power, mainly in northeast China.