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Micro - oil ignition pulverized coal burner

The micro-oil ignition system includes micro-oil ignition equipment, fuel oil supply system, pressure air cooling system, wall temperature detection system and control system. The ignition equipment mainly consists of ignition burner, oil gun and high energy ignition device. The fuel oil supply system mainly includes valves, filters and connecting pipes. The pressure air cooling system mainly includes high pressure fan, pressure transmitter and air duct. The wall temperature detection and control system mainly includes thermocouple, cable, temperature transmitter, in-situ ignition control cabinet and flame detector and related accessories.

Advantages of microoil ignition system:

A. In the start-up phase, the auxiliary fuel oil will be reduced by 60% to 90%.

B. Low NOx emissions can be maintained during start-up and operation phases.

C. The ESP can be used earlier in the boiler start-up process.